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We have been taking our cats and dogs to Dr. Miller for 20 years and have experienced THE BEST care and service. When our dog ate a poisonous mushroom, we almost lost her. Dr. Miller worked on her for 24 hours, keeping us informed every step of the way. He saved her life. As owners of 3 cats and 3 dogs, our veterinary bills can add up quickly. The care our animals receive here is worth every penny! In my opinion, the prices for the services offered are accurate and fair. We also appreciate receiving post cards in the mail giving us discounts on vaccines, etc. Although our family has moved from Scotts Valley to Soquel, we would never even consider taking our animals to anyone else! I highly recommend Dr. Miller and Dr. Hill and their very kind and professional staff.

Patricia B.

Dr. Hill and Dr. Miller and staff have been taking good care of my animals for over 15 years now. I don’t know why I waited so long to post this, because over the years they’ve treated, boarded and healed my furry ones with the utmost care and compassion. Dr. Miller even pulled off a quite amazing life-extending surgery for my dog Riley for which I’m forever grateful. They’ve been patient with me under many trying situations, and always great to my animals.

Jennifer I.

Don’t take your best friend ANYWHERE else! In fact, I moved to San Diego a while back but recently drove all the way up to Scotts Valley Veterinary because my 10-year-old dog Cody needed extensive surgery and there is no one I trust more than Dr. Miller and his daughter Dr. Em. As usual, the entire experience was excellent, from the ease of intake to the description of costs and options (which were fairly priced), the quality of care, and the post-op instructions. Best of all I could relax and know that Cody was in great hands! If you love your animal this is the Veterinarian for you. They treat you and your pets like family!

Matthew B.

This place is awesome! I love the Doctors here. It’s comforting to know that when I take my pup in he will be treated with the best care they can offer. My first dog, Waffle, had diabetes. Dr. Miller and Dr. Hill were always so accommodating and worked their schedules around to fit us in for blood panels, examinations, emergencies, etc. I am forever grateful for the quality of care my best friend received and for the constant support they provided us for taking care of a diabetic pet. Six years later, we decided maybe it was time we adopted a puppy. I initially did not want to bring my new pup here because this place brought up so many memories of Waffle. I was 11 years old when I first brought Waffle here, I feel like I spent the better part of my childhood here. After going to another pet hospital in Santa Cruz, I was convinced it was difficult to find a solid and dependable vet. So I sucked it up and took my pup, Pablo, to Scotts Valley Vet. Everything was exactly how I remembered… the friendly staff, the knowledgeable doctors, the kindness and gentleness towards animals, and the dependability. I am a huge fan of this veterinary hospital and I would definitely recommend this place to any pet owner.

Candace L.

I just love this office. Dr. Em was super informative and patient with me and my laundry list of concerns for Sweet Kitty. Jessica, the tech, was obviously in love with my kitty. Sweet Kitty is around 72 in kitty years and she’s a tad overweight. Jessica dubbed her “Littles” which I thought was endearing and cute and showed me just how much Jessica really loved my kitty if she’s giving her another name. LOL. I could just feel the love, and any tech and vet that is so openly in love with your pet is going to care for and treat them just as well as I would. I had slight anxiety when they wanted to take her into the back without me, but Jessica’s apparent adoration for Sweet Kitty calmed me and made me feel confident I didn’t need to be there to comfort my kitty. Dr. M. was exceptionally patient in answering all of my questions, reviewing every possible type of medication option to find the one best suited for my budget, and was just overall AMAZING. Love this staff. Love this office. Sweet Kitty will be returning.

Lindsey G.

Love, love, love the people here- Dr. Hill, Dr. Em and Dr. Miller, along with the vet tech and front desk staff are just amazing human beings who know what they are doing and do it with love! Our big baby Loki has been coming here since 7 weeks old and we’ve felt so loved and guided through his first year and a half of puppyhood. Fantastic service and fantastic people who love your furry child!

Shantya M.

I take my dog Bubby here. He loves them. They always get us in when we have a problem. Their prices are reasonable. What I like most is they don’t try to sell me things I don’t want/need. Love this place. They have me and my dog as a loyal customer for life.

Cindy D.

I currently have two Siberian puppy rescues that are enjoying the privilege of being patients at Scotts Valley Veterinarians. My animals have always received the very best care. Even though it may be tempting to compare prices, routine surgeries can occasionally have serious complications, I urge anyone who is looking for a competent vet office for their four-legged children, to consult these professionals. I’ve used them for both canines and felines with many different issues. I have never been disappointed. Whether you need a puppy package for a new arrival, all the way to end of life issues for a beloved companion, I’ve always been grateful to these fine folks for their dedication to veterinary medicine. Dr. Emily Miller helped save 2 of my beloved elderly animals this year. I wish she had been their doctor from the beginning! My 15-year-old husky had terrible skin issues resulting from thyroid disease and suffers from debilitating arthritis. My 15 year old Persian has heart problems. They are both still with us because of her care. Thank you Dr. Miller, for helping save my fur babies. Having this extra time with them will make the end easier. I can’t thank you enough.

Linda S.

Dr. Miller and his staff rocks! I wouldn’t even think of taking my babies to anyone else. Dr. Miller and Dr. Hill always tell it like it is, straight to the point and in easy terms so we understand. They do this for the love of the animal not just for the money which we very much appreciate. Being a pet sitter myself and ex-vet tech I know how hard it is to find a great vet anymore, we just love love love Dr. Miller and Dr. Hill and the whole staff. Thanks, Dr. Miller and Gang.

Robyn M.

If you’re looking for an experienced, knowledgeable, professional veterinary clinic, this is a good one. Very low staff turnover, so it’s good to see the same nurses and technicians year after year, and it helps make visits more efficient when your pet is recognized when you check in.

Betty L.

I’m raw with emotion, as this just happened this evening. But I can tell you with absolute sincerity that this staff is EXCELLENT, professional, compassionate, and considerate. I brought my cat in to be euthanized. I was not an existing client, having never taken one of my pets here, but I needed this done today and they made time. Chase was 17 years old…. seventeen years of loving her made this task almost unbearable. But from the moment we walked in the door to the moment out, they were amazing. We were given time with her every step of the way, given detailed explanations of what they were going to do, handed tissue when crying, and provided a beautiful box with a rose to bury our beloved cat at home. I could not have asked for a better experience for such a horrible task.
Christi L.

My family has taken our dogs here as long as I can remember. Today I had to say goodbye to my furry child of 14 years. Dr. Em and her staff were so nice and professional through the whole experience. It was a very peaceful experience and I know my baby was well cared for. Thank you for all you did today and all you’ve done over the years.

Christina F.

They are SO awesome!!ALL the doctors are really nice. Recently, I took one of our feline babies to a new vet closer to our home (we moved to San Jose). They told us she needed to have dental work. Our kitty seemed really uncomfortable during the checkup, so I took her back to Scotts Valley Vet to get a second opinion. She saw Dr. Miller who confirmed that she needed dental work but had much better bedside manners as he explained our options and the pros and cons of each. He answered all my questions and concerns without rushing me out. At one point, while Dr. Miller and I were talking, kitty even went up to him for a pat! That’s how comfortable she was around him!!

Nancy T.

I have been taking my animals to this vet for over 5 years. I find that the staff is personable and attentive. I am grateful that the office visits are usually efficient since I’m dragging the kids along to the vet visits too. I understand that some people complain about the price of some services, but I’m willing to pay a bit more for a quality smaller vet clinic. A pet hospital, they are not–I would take them down to the bigger clinics for off-hour emergencies.

Frannie H.

I have had two of my dogs’ care transferred to Scotts Valley Vet Clinic. Not only are they skilled with animals they are equally compassionate towards humans. They are awesome and affordable!!!

Kerry L.